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Snow Sakura Review October 23, 2009

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This time I will review another Visual Novel. And my expectations of this game wasn’t that high. I just thought for myself. This is probably one of those games that has one goal. To get one of the girls and do her and I was wrong even if you do have sex that was far from the most important part.


Kana Imouto part 2 (thoughts) (WARNING FOR MAJOR AND ENDINGS SPOILERS) October 21, 2009

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In this part I will write more of my own thoughts about different aspect of the game and there will be very very very major spoilers!!!!!


Kana Imouto part 1 (review) October 20, 2009

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A couple of months ago I played my first real Visual Novel. It name was Kana Imotu or Kanan, Little Sister. And now I played trough it again. So I think it would be perfect to write about it. It would be hard to write my thoughts about this game without spoiling anything so that’s why I decided splitting it into two parts. This first one will be a short simple review and the other part will be more in-depth thoughts of the aspects of the game


I’m still alive! October 3, 2009

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I know it’s been a while since I last wrote something, but I’m still alive. Just haven’t felt like writing anything. I’ve watched quite a lot of anime these past weeks. I’ll try and sum up all of the shows shortly.

I’ll start with Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu which is AWESOMELY FUNNY! I totally loved it! The humor there is absolutely amazing. xD Fumoffu fumofumo fumoffuuu! (XD HAHAHAHA) So yeah, it really IS that funny! I’ll recommend watching the first show first though (Full Metal Panic!)  to get the idea of the characters relationships etc. 10/10 easily! (more…)