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Say hello to my little friends. September 10, 2009

Posted by oddy555 in Games.
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I’m a happy little otaku now. Yesterday I got a package. A package that I have been waiting for about two weeks. I did some work during the summer and got some cash so I decideded to put away a pretty big order of games. The games in question is Call of Duty 5: World at War, Naruto Rise of Ninja (and broken bond to but I have to wait for that), Saints Row 2 and Street Fighter IV.

I guess I should write some first impression of the games.

CoD WaW: Only played a couple of online matches and I do get really pwned.

Street Figther IV: My first impression is that I need an arcade stick xP or that I just suck at fighting games but it seems like a really fast and awesome fighting game.

Naruto Rise of a Ninja: Running around in a sandbox Konoha is just awesome. And the fights are awesome to.

Saints Row 2: I really loved the first game and the ending just made me buy this (even though the story is a pretty minor part of the game). So fat SR 2 feels like the first game with alot more to do. But after been playing around 6 hours gta IV with it’s awesome car physics it was a pain in the ass to drive a car in Saints Row 2.