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Is my dear friend leaving me? That’s way too soon! :( September 7, 2009

Posted by graveworm666 in Games.
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So, here I am. Sitting in front of the computer and being really nervous. The reason is that my Xbox 360 got a RRoD earlier today and that really freaked me out. The weird thing is that I could play again a couple of minutes after that. I’m guessing my machine is getting old and is soon leaving me in despair. 😦 I’ve had it for 5 years I think without a single RRoD so I can’t really complain.

Well, currently I am playing Batman: Arkham Asylum and loving every minute, every second and every place of it. The bad guys are crazy, hillarious and got a wicked sense of humor. The graphics are way better than I’d thought they would be, no place looks like another and it’s just so much fun to play. It genuinely feels like a Batman-game to 110%. Hopefully I will be able to continue playing it and completing it. God, have mercy on my soul and fix my Xbox automagically! *prays*


To watch or not to watch? September 7, 2009

Posted by oddy555 in Anime.
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Yesterday evening me and one of my msn contacts started discuss One Piece and that maked me want to listen to the openings to the show again. And the openings are really really good and now I’m sitting here and want to start see the damn anime. But it’s 400+  episodes long. So I dont know what to do. I could watch it but then I probably will have to skip alot of other anime but at the same time it’s seems totally worth it since I watched the first ~15 epsiodes and loved it to the fulliest. And it would be nice to watch one of these long runners again. Just watch episode after episode nonstop. I actually started watching Naruto around this time last year. So will I watch or will I not?

Oh btw I’m actually reading the manga on swedish and it’s really good translated and the swedish fit so well with the manga in my opinion. I’m only at book 24 thought.

here’s the first opening to the show. Tell me if you can look at this and dont want to see the show afterwards.