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Please state your name and profession to the court. September 6, 2009

Posted by oddy555 in About us!, Anime.
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Hello everyone!

This will be my first post at this blog and I think I start with a short introduction of myself.

I’m an 18 year old boy named Eddie that lives in a small town in the forests of sweden. My main interests is anime and games. I’m a pretty shy person until the ice is broken then I’m pretty cheerfull and maybe talk a little to much. I’m studying a technical program in upper secondary school and will graduate next year.

I started watching anime sometime around christmas.  Since then I have seen about 33 animes so far. I dont like any pelicular genres, I can pretty much watch anything. My favourite animes is Deah Note, Clannad and Genshiken. I’m still new to this anime thing so there is alot of classics I have missed out there

I have been playing Videogames a couple of years now even though I haven’t played much titles. And even here my taste is very mixed. My favorite game is the Phoenix Wright triology(I got my headline to this post from it). The characters, story and the whole point out contradiction thing maked me fell in love with it. I also started playing the Final Fantasy games. So far I have only beaten the third to the ds. But I’m at the end of 10 and was halfways trough 7 but had to start from the beginning.

So I guess that was everything for now. Cya later.