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My first impression of Trinity Blood. September 6, 2009

Posted by graveworm666 in Anime.
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As the title says, I’ve started watching Trinity Blood and at the moment, I’m on episode 6. The episodes I have seen have been good, kept me entertained and interested throughout the whole episodes. The characters are made in such a way that they are easily likable. From what I’ve grasped of the story so far, it seems to be vampires vs. “Terrans” or humans in english. This priest Abel Nightroad are working for XA (A really long organization-name I can’t be bothered to type in right now) and the main goal is to keep the peace between the two races so another war doesn’t start. The thing about Abel though is that he can turn into this really cool “Cruznik” which is hungarian for Vampire-killing Shaman orĀ  something I think. I’m sorry I can’t remember all the details. It’s quite late when I’m writing this and it’s pretty hard to remember every single detail of all the episodes I watched.

Anyway, the anime is animated by GONZO and I really, really like the character designs and the backgrounds. The CG is well-made too. I’d say it still looks good compared to newer series, and TB was made in 2005. So far I’m liking the cast of the show too. There’s Abel (the priest I just wrote about), the little girl with mystical powers (she can like do some crazy shit to people’s minds if she touches them =p), Esther, who is a really cute sister or nun or whatever (=p) driven by revenge, ultimately finding a new hope in Abel. There is the bad guy who actually ain’t a bad buy, but he did bad stuff because he’s loved one was killed by someone.

The music is pretty atmospheric and well done. I liked both the OP & ED & actual music in the show. It set my mood exactly right at each “moment”. The OP made me really want to watch the episode and the ED really wanted me to watch the next episode. This post turned out way longer than I thought it’d be. Guess it’s this “Ooh, I finally got myself a blog so now I have to write tons of stuff”-feeling that is still in me. =p Ohwell, now it’s time for me to hit the sack, so good night. Oh and btw, enjoy Abel’s awesomeness:Trinity_Blood___Abel_Nightroad_by_Tavia_chan