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Rise from the ashes January 3, 2011

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Some epic backgroundmusic for the atmosphere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HGQS5XSoJ4

About a year and four months ago something was born, something that would not change the world of blogging  forever. That someone was oddy555. Somehow he only stayed alive for 4 months and then a whole year and close to a month went by when the earth called again for this being. Rising from the ashes he decided to once again jump into the world of blogging. He had jumped into a new area, an area of moving out and a life at a university and with a stomach that wants more nerdy stuff than ever. A so called fresh start for this being called oddy555…


No, I’m not dead. :) January 18, 2010

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Long time no see! I’m still breathing. I know that I haven’t written anything in months, and I can’t really say why. I just haven’t felt like it, at all. I will try to write more often though. Maybe if I talk more about other stuff than anime too, it’ll be easier to blog? Guess I won’t know until I’ve tried. (more…)

Mahjong Legend Akagi review. November 26, 2009

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So finally I took the time to watch Akagi after a friend recomended it to me. And seriously this is one of the best shows I have seen. So how can a show about a board game be epic and awesome?  That is what I will tell in this review.